The Parrot Center, Papagoi Keskus, was opened in 2015. It is a unique leisure and education center. Our goal is to bring together persons and companies whose activity or hobby is related with the parrots. In the Center is planned to open a  first hotel for parrots in Estonia. Also we provide service and serve the bird owners on all matters related to the parrots. All bird lovers have the opportunity to participate in our events and get help and advice. Our range of services also includes seminars and educational trips for children and school students with the basic themes of parrots introduction, defense, welfare.

 The Parrot Center offers:

  • Events and seminars
  • Specific training for the bird owners
  • Counselling (selecting the bird,  purpose of purchasing, bird care, feeding, etc.)
  • Bird training by the parrot coach Katarina (experienced bird tamer)
  • Bird Hotel with bird doctor’s reception
  • Cages, toys, educational materialsNB!  Please book Your visit always in advance!